JavaCove Beach Hotel is home to 'al fresko' cafe/bar. Relax on our tropical deck while taking in tunes from around the world.

The bar at 'al fresko' is stocked with local and imported beers, wine, cocktails, smoothies, lassies, juices, ice cream and a full range of quality coffees.

'Al fresko' also offers a selection of European cuisine in an intimate dining environment. We do not serve Indonesian food at JavaCove. Why..? We believe good tourism is tourism that shares the benefits around so we have left your Indonesian dining experience in the hands of the locals. We encourage all our guests to dine at the family-run 'warungs' (simple eateries) located only 1 minute's walk from JavaCove. Tasty and nutritious Indonesian food that's as authentic as it gets!

Eat Drink Enjoy